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We are best in Town

Professional Security Guards at Very Competitive Rates!

Uniformed Security Officer

Vehicle Patrols (Sedan, SUVs, Golf Carts)

Report Writing

Gate Guards & Guards Shacks

Vehicle GPS Systems for Patrol Verification

Alarm Response

Parking Lot Security

Access Control

Incident Response

CCTV Monitoring

Perimeter Patrols

Emergency Medical Response

Foot Patrols

Escorting, Visitors, Resident, or Employees

And More!

Unarmed Security Services

Non Commissioned Officer

We provide professional and trained Non Commissioned Security Officers for your home, school, business or all other properties and events.

Unarmed security services are important in areas where there needs to be constant monitoring, but where the presence of an armed guard might cause unnecessary distress. We are talking about places like shopping malls, schools, and other public places.

Armed Security Services

Commissioned Security Officer

We provide professional, trained and experienced Commissioned Security Officer for your home, school, business or all other properties and events.

  • Armed Security Officer for Business Protection
  • Pro-Active & Trained Security Officers

Mobile Patrol Services

Company Car Patrol

A great way of monitoring your home or business. Random visits throughout the night by a well-marked, highly visible patrol vehicle with Non Commissioned Security Officer or Commissioned Security Officer. A clearly, highly visible vehicle will patrol your property or business.

We train our mobile patrol officers to be vigilant, to identify suspicious behavior, and to address anything out of the ordinary in order to prevent issues before they occur. Our officers remain alert and informed through constant communications with local and state authorities regarding potential threats.